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The Best 6 Antique Stops Near Holland, MI

The Best 6 Antique Stops Near Holland, MI

Last month, my sister and I decided to take a three day road trip to Western Michigan. More specifically Holland, MI. Our goal for this trip included three things:

  • Visit The Found Cottage in Hudsonville
  • Hit as many thrift stores as we could find
  • Check out just as many antique malls

Our first stop was to the gorgeous store The Found Cottage. We loved it so much, I dedicated an entire blog post to our visit there. Read and see all the amazing home decor and vintage pieces we loved here – A Trip to The Found Cottage. And if you are on Instagram, be sure to check out my saved highlight The Found Cottage here.

One last thing before we start – there are soooo many antique stops along the eastern shore of Lake Michigan! My sister and I only managed to stop at these six in two days (with thrift store stops in-between). While my title says the best 6 stops – there are many more that we will need to check out!

Ok, let’s get start!

Hudsonville Antiques – Hudsonville, MI

After visiting The Found Cottage we made a stop at this adorable antique mall in Hudsonville as well. We loved this quaint and cozy antique mall with the most friendly service by the Owner and great prices!

Be sure to look up after stepping into this antique shop! You are greeted by this taxidermy squirrel Harv, who is the stores mascot.

How great are these vintage black and white photos?! Imagine them displayed on an old window – turned bulletin board with a chicken wire background. Such a great vintage feel with photos that have so much character!

Hudsonville Antiques has a great mix of antiques, vintage, painted and up-cycled furniture, farmhouse decor and so much more.

Each vendor booth is displayed so nicely and there is so much to see! Plan to spend at least an hour browsing and taking it all in. There is 4,000 sq. ft. and over 25 vendors to check out!

Not So Shabby Marketplace – Holland, MI

While shopping at Not So Shabby Marketplace, we learned that the store has been open since 2010. In 2020, a mother and daughter duo who were long time vendors, decided to purchase the business.

This antique mall has such a great vibe to it, that we shopped it twice! No stereotypical antique mall dark, dingy and smelly feel to this store at all. The aisles are really wide and the lighting is great. Two things we didn’t notice made a difference, until it did!

What we loved about Not So Shabby Marketplace is the really eclectic mix of items in the booths. You can find true antiques, mixed with vintage, mixed with handmade and even new-made-to-look-old products.

There are more than 65 vendors to check out here. The prices were really reasonable (hence the reason we went back the next day to shop it again!)

The Wooden Shoe Antique Mall – Holland, MI

The Wooden Shoe Antique Mall has 10,000 sq. ft. of vendor booth space, all in the Old Wooden Shoe Factory. You won’t see wooden shoes being carved anymore but the the post & beams inside are beautiful.

Vintage, antique and collectible books, costume jewelry, postcards, kitchenware and accessories, hunting and fishing collectibles, tin-ware, glassware, tools and clothing.

Who doesn’t love the look of Fire King Jadeite?! This display is so pretty. If I had to start another collection of something in my house, Jadeite would be it!

I think everyone of us has a preference – Coke or Pepsi? Even if you don’t drink pop, there is no denying that Coca-Cola has always had an amazing marketing team, right? This booth is entirely dedicated to Coca-Cola advertising including all these unopened bottles!

If you have any Dutch heritage in your family, you are in luck here. You will find no shortage of collectibles that pay homage to the Netherlands.

Have you ever seen so many complete vintage kitchen canister sets in one place?! This booth has an amazing retro vibe!

Attached to the antique mall is the Wooden Shoe Restaurant. My sister and I decided to give it a try. Even thought it has past noon, we decided to give their all day breakfast menu a try and ordered omelets. Both meals were good and plenty of it! We were so hungry that I didn’t even get a chance to take photos of the food!

Downtown Antiques & Home Furnishings – Holland, MI

Downtown Antiques & Home Furnishings is located in downtown Holland. This store is full of antique items, collectables and vintage cottage theme decor. There is also art, furniture, and other unique pieces and beautiful jewelry.

This shop is so much bigger than it looks from the outside. There is so much to look at in this beautiful antique and vintage finds shop!

So many of the vendors have put together the such beautiful displays and vignettes in there booths. You see that a lot time and care is taken by the vendors when refreshing their spaces.

I’m starting to sound like a broken record. There must be something to working or owning these types of shops? The staff here were so incredibly friendly! We had a great conversation about blue mason jars and being Canadian traveling in Michigan!

Harvest Antique Mall – Holland, MI

If you blink, you will miss the Harvest Antique Mall. True story. We drove past what looked like a strip mall but with the help of Google Map we found it! There are 130 vendors in this antique mall even though from the outside it looks like one small store front. Just like Downtown Antiques, don’t let the outside fool you, there is a lot to see here!

A tight fit to slip into this little space, but how could you not take a look at Crock World?!

Lake Shore Antiques – Grand Haven, MI

With more than 60 dealers in 10,000 sq. ft., Lake Shore Antiques has more of the traditional antique store feel. You won’t find handmade decor here but you will definitely discover fine antiques in furniture, art, accents, lighting, and collectibles. So many great vintage items too, like clothing, cookware, sewing notions and even shoes!

In the spring they offer this amazing deal of real succulents! Only $1 for each small starter plant to add to your vintage dish garden.

I don’t know what I love more in this display, all the books or the incredible parts bin “furniture” piece.

Now that we have toured The Best 6 Antique Stops Near Holland, MI, can you see why we didn’t get through more??? I think it would take us days to get through even more of this amazing places. But overall we didn’t have any major complaints about any of these shops. We found a huge variety and selection in every store. The staff were so incredibly friendly at every stop and I think we didn’t leave one store without buying something!

If you are interested in more photos and videos of all our antique stops, be sure to check out my highlights on Instagram – Antiques Michigan .

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