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Doing a Google Search for “Ashiatsu Massage near Me” doesn’t always bring back the results you need.

More and more Massage Therapists across the nation are learning barefoot massage. There is a wonderful surge of trained ashiatsu practitioners in the industry… but not all are actually trained in our “FasciAshi” myofascial ashiatsu barefoot massage technique, or held to our standards.

You can CLICK HERE to find a myofascial ashiatsu barefoot massage therapist near you.

We know that you can easily do a search for “Ashiatsu Massage Near Me” or “barefoot massage near me”… even “ashiatsu 78209” (or insert your zip code here!) What you’ll get is anyone who’s website or SEO content uses the word(s) Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage near where you are geographically located at that moment. Anyone can enter those words into the coding and content of their website. They can do that regardless of the level (if any) training in the technique. On the flip side, not all local massage websites contain the words necessary for this kind of Google search to even work.

So how do you find trained myofascial ashiatsu barefoot massage therapists?

We at the Center for Barefoot Massage are slowly growing our base of students across the nation. We offer a locator service that helps you find a local massage professional associated with our FasciAshi technique. True to our pun-filled form, we called this the “Sole-Provider Directory“.

You can CLICK HERE to get step-by-step visual instructions on how to best “Find a Barefoot Massage Therapist”

Not every LMT that we train wants to be found, so not everyone will choose to list in this directory. To protect the privacy of our students, we do not give out contact information unless it is listed on this directory.

We DO vet every listing to make sure that the business listed has our students providing the service. We make sure that the barefoot massage therapists are legit. The Center for Barefoot Massage only trains Licensed Massage Therapists, so you can rest easy knowing that our providers are held to the standards of the profession and the massage laws of your state.

If it’s a business that employs multiple massage therapists, we’ll make sure that the business is actually providing the service. (Not just listing it on a menu without a trained pro on staff.)

Your Google search for “ashiatsu near me” can sometimes turn up disappointing results. We want our locator service to be the resource that helps you find the massage you are actually looking for.

Find a barefoot massage therapist

Step your search up a notch. Don’t just look to find any ashiatsu massage near you – find YOUR barefoot massage therapist!

How do you “Find an Ashiatsu Massage Near me?” We have a Sole-Provider directory available to help you find a local myofascial ashiatsu barefoot massage therapist.

Our Sole-Provider Directory offers “feet-ures” that help you choose a practitioner when you have multiple options.

  • Search a radius around a zip code, AND get Google directions to them!
  • Read a review, leave a review. If you’ve been underfoot with this provider, tell us how it went so others can feel the vibe.
  • Search by their level of training. Beginner to advanced, on the table or the floor, we can help you find what you are looking for!
  • Search by state, country, and even find the expert instructors all in easy to navigate categories

Are YOU FasciAshi trained?


  • We have a great network of Barefoot Massage Therapists across the nation – and their clients travel! We all know that once you try Myofascial Ashiatsu, you won’t want to go back to normal massage, so let us help these fans of our work find their favorite bodywork in the town they are relocating to, or visiting!
  • Every SOLE Provider is verified. Although not every FasciAshi or Fijian Barefoot Massage trained Massage Therapist will choose to list here, those that DO can have peace of mind that every pair of feet represented in our directory has been trained by the Center for Barefoot Massage.
  • Reviews from real clients are available!!! No expensive scamming from Yelp, just pure barefoot massage fans leaving their feedback on their experience at your business.
  • Google Maps integrated: clients can search within a radius of any zip code. If you don’t live in a city with an often-searched name, you can still show up in searches for the nearest searched area!
  • Upgrades available for your listing. You can give it an extra little BOOST with a 6 month “FEETured” listing when you need it!
  • Every listed business gets FREE DOWNLOADABLE LOGO’S! You’ll get to choose from a variety of the Sole Provider graphics. Post them on your website as a reciprocal link back to us. (That’s the thing that hyper-boosts your SEO!)
  • Each level of Certification completed will add the associated seal of Certification to your profile for free. Regardless of what level listing you pay for and code the images to help boost your local exposure. You’ll also be searchable by your level of training/Certification. More credibility, clout and bragging rights!

Attention Ashiatsu Massage Therapists: Watch this!

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