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11 Best Tacos in Anaheim

What sounds ideal after visiting the happiest place on Earth or a game at the Angels stadium? The answer is always tacos. But don’t just settle for any old taco from any old taqueria. We’ve built you a guide to the best tacos in Anaheim.

At Female Foodie, we take our tacos seriously. We know it can be overwhelming to find your new favorite taco spot, and that’s why we’ve done all the research and taste testing for you. So sit back, relax, and get ready to taco ’bout the 10 very best tacos in Anaheim!


11. Tacos El Patron

best tacos in Anaheim: Tacos El Patron

First up on our guide to the best tacos in Anaheim is Tacos El Patron. Tacos El Patron is a traditional taqueria that serves up all your favorite meats. Carne asada, chorizo, and even lengua (cow tongue—don’t knock it ’til you try it!). If you’re looking for a late-night snack after the baseball game, Tacos El Patron is conveniently open until midnight Friday and Saturday and 11:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

10. Pour Vida Tortillas & Taps

handmade tortillas by Pour Vida

Pour Vida can be found at the Center Street Promenade. With their fresh handmade tortillas and unique fillings, it is easy to taste why they are on our guide to the best tacos in Anaheim. Pour Vida has recently expanded their location to bring you a spacious outdoor seating option where you can enjoy the sunny So Cal weather. We highly recommend their blackened salmon tacos topped with eel sauce and pickled napa cabbage. In addition, their crispy brussels sprouts taco is a great vegetarian option for those looking for plant-based fare.

9. Tacos Manuel

Tacos Manuel, best tacos in Anaheim

The beauty of tacos is the abundance of different types of meats you can try, ensuring that you will never get sick of them. Truly, you could eat tacos every day of the week if you wanted to. Monday? Carne asada. Tuesday? Al Pastor. Wednesday? Carnitas tacos from Tacos Manuel. Whatever day of the week you choose, these tender carnitas tacos will satisfy your taco cravings. Tacos Manuel also offers carnitas by the pound so you can take one of the best tacos in Anaheim to the comfort of your own home.


8. Birreria Guadalajara

a cup of consome and birria on a freshly made tortilla

When you’re looking for the ultimate comfort food you really can not go wrong with a cup of consome and birria on a freshly made tortilla. That is why Birreria Guadalajara had to make an appearance in our guide to the best tacos in Anaheim. However, be warned that these are not your average-sized tacos. One taco easily takes up your entire plate, and even still, you probably won’t want to share!

7. El Pollo Fino

breakfast tacos by El Pollo Fino

El Pollo Fino has been known for their charred chicken for many decades in Anaheim. However, a hidden secret at El Pollo Fino is their breakfast tacos. Not too many people think of tacos as a breakfast item, but once you try the wonders of a bacon, egg, cheese-y taco, it’s hard not to want to eat tacos for all three meals of the day. We’re willing to bet these tacos will turn you into a morning person.

6. Mariscos El Governador

melted cheese, sautéed onions, bell peppers, freshly cooked shrimp, in a freshly made flour tortilla

Mariscos El Governador is famous for their Taco Governador. The taco was first crafted in Sinaloa, Mexico where the Governor would request this exact taco, therefore establishing the name Taco Governador. If you are unfamiliar with the Taco Governador, we’re here to break it down for you. Imagine a combination of melted cheese, sautéed onions, bell peppers, and freshly cooked shrimp, all snuggled in a made-from-scratch flour tortilla. It’s truly one of the best tacos in Anaheim. Don’t forget to order a side of their spicy mayo sauce to smother your tacos in!


5. Tacos Los Gueros

Al pastor tacos by Tacos Los Gueros

It wouldn’t be a guide to the best tacos in Anaheim without including the beloved Tacos Los Gueros. A hole-in-the-wall taqueria that brings you the authentic Mexican flavors we all know and love. You can’t go wrong here, but we highly recommend ordering the al pastor tacos. Order one of their agua frescas on the side for the ultimate taqueria experience. Female Foodie tip: Tacos Los Gueros is cash only, so be prepared.

4. URBANA Mexican Gastronomy

best tacos in Anaheim: URBANA Mexican Gastronomy

URBANA, located on the ground floor of the Anaheim Packing House, is relatively new to the OC taco scene. Surrounded by Dia de Los Muertos murals, URBANA has an ultra-cool ambiance and deliciously unique tacos, making it the perfect place for a date night or a night out with friends. URBANA prides themselves on using fresh ingredients and handmade tortillas. We recommend trying their crispy pork belly tacos that are truly to die for. For our vegetarian readers, we highly recommend trying their tasty cauliflower tacos.

3. KooKoo Grill

beef and chicken tacos topped with teriyaki sauce, green onions, cilantro and regular white onions.

If you’re up for a less traditional twist on tacos, head to KooKoo Grill for some fusion fun. It is always exciting when two cultures merge together to bring you something new and delicious, and KooKoo Grill does just that, bringing you the flavors of your favorite teriyaki bowl and making it into a taco. Order the half and half plate that comes with both beef and chicken tacos that are topped with their special teriyaki sauce, green onions, cilantro, and regular white onions. We also highly recommend topping it with avocado for a few dollars extra. It truly brings all the flavors together and is 100% worth it.

2. Angel’s Tijuana Tacos

Tijuana style tacos by Angel

If you’re familiar with the cities of North Orange County, you know that when 5 p.m. comes around, the tents come up, the smell of charcoal fills the air, and the sound of sizzling meat fills the streets. That’s right, we’re talking street tacos! Street tacos are an essential part of the taco community and we would be remiss to not include them in our guide to the best tacos in Anaheim. One of our favorite street vendors in Anaheim is Angels Taqueria. Angels is known for their Tijuana-style tacos and cheesy baked potatoes. We’re obsessed with the carne asada and al pastor tacos that are topped with fresh pineapple. You can find their weekly schedule on their Instagram account. Please note that it is Cash and Venmo only!

1. Tacos Los Cholos

Tacos Los Cholos - best tacos in Anaheim

Tacos Los Cholos has become one of Anaheim’s most popular taquerias, and for very good reason. What started off as a pop-up business is now a permanent mainstay and we’re so grateful because these are truly the very best tacos in Anaheim. Here, you’ll get the option of ordering regular, prime, or premium meats. Their traditional meats like carne asada are incredible, but if you choose to indulge in some of their premium cuts of meat like filet mignon and ribeye (yes, you read that right!), you’ll be sent straight to heaven. Tacos los Cholos is our top choice for tacos in Anaheim because they bring the amazing flavors of traditional al carbon tacos using top-tier ingredients.

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