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Where to eat your 'baleadas' on Roatán, Honduras

Excellent diving & stunning sunsets – the island of Roatán in front of the coast of Honduras is a winner for sure in my book. Although exploring the marine life might be relatively cheap on Roatán (compared to other diving spots in Central America) and sunsets are free to enjoy to all, the island unfortunately can be a tad expensive when it comes to dining out.

You really have to search a little in here to get a lovely and cheap meal. Luckily for you, we tried it all in West End, the area where we were staying for one tiny week. So here are our biggest budget friendly recommendations for you on the island!

Especially don’t miss out on those yummy baleadas (flour wraps with a spread of cheese, black beans and all types of fillings), our absolute typical Honduran favourite food!


My favourite breakfast spot on the island, if only because of the name :). This tiny blue and yellow-painted joint is located right in front of Hostel Chillies and next to the Native Sons Diving Shop. Yahongreh? only has three tables and is a favourite among the folks of the northern side of West End.

The portions in here are big, prices are neat and that breakfast yoghurt bowl is a healthy winner for sure. Whilst you’re enjoying that coffee, you might get some company from one of the dogs or cats that belong to Hotel Chillies. All of them are constantly looking for cuddles and they won’t stop harassing you until you scratch those fluffy ears.

Give them a hug from me!


Calelu’s is one of those places that may not look like much on the outside, but is just a fantastic place when it comes to food. This place is also a favourite among the locals.

At first it seems like you’re entering a supermarket (which is indeed found in the back of the place), but upstairs there’s a nice seating area with fine views over the ocean.

Calelu’s has the absolute BEST baleadas of West End. After every two-tank dive session we ran to this place as the portions were huge and super fresh. Even the diving munchies could be satisfied in here. Also, the giant creamy smoothies (one’s enough for two persons!) alone are worth the visit.

A great catch for those who dare to try out the best of the Honduran cuisine!


What’s in a name. Once the sun is painting the sky with orange and blue strokes, this bar is slowly filling up. Happy hour is from 5 to 7 pm and the views from the porch are smashing.↓

Sundowners is a favourite among the local diving community, so expect lots of strong stories and good vibes.

By the way, this place also opens for breakfast! The morning portions are big and tasty, but I hope you don’t mind the unfriendly sunrise staff; apparently they’re desperately in need of some rise ‘n shine caffeine themselves.

Coconut Tree / Off the Hook

If you want to meet your fellow (gringo) traveller, climb the stairs of the Coconut Tree (also known as Off the Hook) and enter the biggest expat hub of West End. This cosy restaurant is smack right on the roundabout of West End.

Coconut often has live music (which is in fact enjoyable, not always the case on Roatán) and the veranda is great if you’re in for some people skying from above. The best moment to visit this place is during Taco Tuesday (or Wacky Wing Wednesday). For only $1,- USD you are served a superb taco! Two of those will lay the groundwork for a night filled with strawberry margaritas. Sounds like a sweet deal right?

Order your taco in your best Spanish and those waitresses will give you a big smile in return.

Creoles rotisserie chicken

Sometimes all you have to do is to follow your nose. It might lead you to this very small yellow building for example. At Creoles you can find all the moisty chicken you’re wishing for. They come with sides like pasta salad, coconut rice, potato salad, beans, coleslaw. My advice is to keep it simple and start small. Share half a chicken and two sides and order more when in need.

If you can handle it, the coconut and lime pie are waiting for you too afterwards. And don’t forget to wash it all down with one of the fresh juices.

At Creoles you can find Caribbean comfort food at its best. Plus the sweet staff is supporting street dogs as well. So go funding that restaurant!

Costa Dulce

Waffles, coffee and the best gelato in town. Do you need anything else? Ah, maybe a swing to enjoy it all from? Check ✓. A pastel pink surrounding? Check ✓. A white sandy beach right beneath your feet? Check ✓.

Just go and get that sugar fix in here!

The Fruit Guy

I thought it was a bit difficult to find cheap fruits in West End… until I ran into the fruit chap! In front of Woody’s Grocery from time to time you can find this big fruit stand/car.

He sells all kinds of fruits and veggies at better rates than you’ll find in the supermarket. Like a lot of fruit in Honduras, his pineapples were ridiculously sweet ??. And don’t think I’m some tropical fruit rookie – as a former Costa Rican local I know what I’m talking about!

Argentinian Grill

This is the only restaurant in the list which isn’t dirt cheap, but as we enjoyed two great meals in here I wanted to include it nonetheless. Asados (the South-American term for barbecuing) in Argentina aren’t just meant for preparing a meal, they are like a lifestyle to Argentinians. It’s always a pleasure to see how they are handling the fire with care. The Argentinian Grill on Roatán is no exception to this.

We came in for a drink, but stayed for the lovely lobster tails and steaks. With mains around $15,- to $20,- USD you’ll be served an excellent smoky lunch or dinner. Wifi is strong in here too, so expect many digital nomads during the day.

Ah gosh, look at that sunset from this place! ↓ Gorgeous innit?

Porque No?

The Spanish name may suggests otherwise, but this place doesn’t sell any local food at all. Go to Porque No if you need a little break from all the rice ‘n beans. Börek, dolmas, baklava, tabouleh, couscous, turkish coffee, hummus. This place is supposed to be a Mediterranean foodie dream… but I haven’t tried it out myself unfortunately.

“Why not ?!” you may think. Aren’t you one of those hummus lovers? Yes indeed, I am! But Porque No was closed every time we tried visiting this spot!

Dammit. So I suggest you go check it out and tell me how it was!

Here’s where to find all of the hotspots in West End! ↓

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