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How to get a free bee removal?

So let’s say that you have a bee problem on your property that you want someone to deal with. You’re going to call up the first thing that comes up on Google for bee removal near me or pest control company. Hopefully for us that would be ecobeeremoval.com. You can contact us for bee removal services if you click here. We’re going to ask you four important questions:

  1. How long have the bees been there?

  2. Where is the bee nest located on your property?

  3. How big is their nest?

  4. Do you know what species of bee are you dealing with?

So here comes the first question “How long have the bees been there?”

If your answer is 1 to 3 days you might just be eligible for a free bee removal. Everything longer than that is probably going to require specialized equipment and a lot of work. If you’re wondering why people aren’t just coming out to your location and removing the bees for free, since they’re getting honey and a hiveful of bees out of that the answer is pretty simple:

It’s sad, but It’s not worth it.

You see for example in Florida, the Department of Agriculture requires you to re-queen feral bee colonies. That means if we go out and get your feral hive, we’re going to have to purchase a new queen and even then, the colony might not accept that new queen and collapses. However if your bees just appeared. For example you see a ball of bees hanging from a tree, that will probably just be a bee swarm. Bee swarms are very easy to deal with in the first few days. If you call a bee relocation service provider and tell them that you have a ball of bees hanging on a branch in your garden They’ll probably tell you to wait 2 days. Swarms are bees that left a colony, one that they grew out, and are looking for a new home. These bee swarms in your garden are probably going to be gone by the evening or next morning. If they are still there in two day you’re still eligible for a free bee removal, because the bee removal service can just come out, snap the branch off from the tree, put it in a box and go.

Here comes the second question in place: where is the bee nest located on your property?

You see even if it’s a swarm that’s just a few days old, you might not get a free bee removal. If the swarm is easily reachable from the ground then It’s fine! Go and enjoy the view of someone coming out to deal with it for free, the view is going to be great, because bee removals are very very exciting. But, if the bees are up on a tree, or inside a structure or under your house, then you’re not going to get a free removal, and for the most part you won’t even want to! You see if bees are inside your house then what you want will be an open, clean, close bee relocation with warranty!

We at ecobeeremoval.com are giving you that exactly! If bees are inside your houses structure then someone will open the walls of your house, clean it out perfectly, because if it’s not clean, if the bees leave their smell behind, then another ball of bees will choose that location for their nest, you can get my word on it. Then once the cleaning is done those people will either leave it at that and give you the number of a handy-man service to close your structure, or will do it by themselves, like us, and there is only a handful of people like us who do this, because it requires you to have a lot of handy-man experience, and giving a warranty to every single customer is a big deal.

Or let’s say that you have a bee nest up on a tree. We have done that many times. Here’s a picture of how that would work:

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