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Best Donut Shops in NH

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We set out to try all the best donut shops in NH. While we haven’t hit them all yet, and some of them may not turn out to be the best, we’ve got a nice little list started. Check it out (and try some donuts)!

When we moved to New Hampshire in 2016 we made conscious decisions to make the transition easier on our family while getting to know our new state. One of the fun things we landed on was trying out every place in the state known for their donuts.

There have been many hits (and a few misses), but since everyone has their own tastes we’re going to list them in order of our favorites but not say they were true fails…except in one case. So who’s ready to hit the NH Donut Trail with us?

Best Donut Shops in New Hampshire

  1. Muriel’s Donuts (Lebanon, NH) – We aren’t afraid to say we think this is the very best donut shop in NH. See my article on Muriel’s Donuts.Muriel
  2. Bird Food Baking Co. – You can find Trina’s gourmet donuts in several shops around Manchester, NH, but they just started to running the bakery at Lighthouse Local (as of 3/2023). She makes a variety of fun flavors, and I can’t possibly tell you a favorite. The cronuts are MASSIVE! They’re my favorite, but you can’t go wrong with any of their baked goods (or the quiche). And the molasses cookies are as close to mine as I’ve found yet. Have fun choosing just one!bird food baking co strawberry donut
  3. Lovebirds Donuts – My friends, if you are looking for an amazing vegan donut, you’d never guess they’re vegan. For real. Dairy allergy friends rejoice. This is, for sure, YOUR DONUT! And I’m excited to add this Maine favorite to the list because they now have a location in Portsmouth, NH. 😉
  4. Black Forest Bakery and Cafe (Amherst, NH) – The cronuts are IT. Also, the maple bacon donuts. They don’t have a wide donut selection but you don’t need one. These are all the donut you need.Black Forest Cafe Donuts Amherst NH
  5. NH Doughnut Co. – This family-run doughnut business has 2 locations – one in Bedford, NH and one in Concord, NH. Their shop is fun (it has an Alice in Wonderland vibe) and they have a great selection of doughnuts. The cruller is my fave!
  6. Flight Coffee Company – They make a variety of baked goods, including a tasty cronut. That being said, I’m partial to Bird Food Baking’s, which is just up the road a bit.
  7. The Local Moose (Now rebranded as Eighty-Eight Coffee Co.) – These are gourmet donuts at a gourmet price but every one we’ve had has been amazing. The maple bacon is my fave but they did a great job on this spicy chocolate donut and the holiday gingerbread donut with a gingerbread man cookie on top too.The Local Moose Donuts Manchester NH
  8. Klemm’s Bakery (Windham, NH) – Take cash! These traditional style donuts are never a disappointment. They have two locations but we’ve only been to the one on Indian Rock Rd. They have a wide variety to choose from.
  9. Goody Good (Laconia, NH) – Go early if you want to make sure you get a donut. They often sell out early. We especially love their apple cider donuts when they have them. The kids love the cream filled with sprinkles (of course!)Goodie Good Donuts Laconia NH
  10. Brother’s Donuts (Franklin, NH) – The donuts are delicious and they sometimes sell out early. And if you’re craving a donut in the wee hours of the morning, they open at 2 AM.
  11. Stonehouse Baking Company (Barrington, NH) – The donuts were good. The service wasn’t. In fact, the service was so disappointing I don’t know that we will go back. But definitely try the donuts at least once. Perhaps it was just a rough day.
  12. Wicked Mini Cafe – There’s nothing super fancy about these donuts except they’re minis. And isn’t everything made mini a little extra?! You can get traditional flavors and kid-favorites. Best of all, you don’t have to choose just one flavor. More decisions? Less decisions? I’m not sure.
  13. Heav’nly Donuts (Windham, NH) – Another Indian Rock Road donut shop, these donuts are more the style of a Dunkin Donut though they taste fresher and are much better.
  14. Donut Love – These potato donuts are a little heavier than a cake donut but they are tasty (and a generous size). The cinnamon sugar is my favorite.
  15. Cider Bellies Doughnuts – These doughnuts are well-worth the drive to Moulton Farm in Meredith, NH. Especially is you can get them piping hot. They’re the best cider doughnuts we’ve tried in NH so far.Heavenly Donuts Windham NH
  16. Crosby’s Donuts (Nashua, NH) – This is another classic donut but for us they were a bit lackluster. They did have a cheese danish I loved though.
  17. Chichester Country Store (Chichester, NH) – Buy yourself a dozen! The best is when they are still warm, and I’m Team Cinnamon Sugar the whole way. It’s definitely worth the country drive to get these donuts.
  18. Just Like Meme’s (Laconia, NH) It doesn’t appear they have an actual location but they make stops at specific spots along a delivery route and do pop ups. I wish I could say the donuts we had were just not super fresh, but I’m afraid they seemed to have some technical issues. The texture and flavor was a bit off. They needed something – more flavor for one, and a little more “rise”.
  19. Permanently Closed – The Doughnut Cellar in Littleton, NH – This one’s on our list to hit up. Gotta love it when friends know you well enough to grab some doughnuts at a place you haven’t tried before. Even a day old, they were good so we can only guess they’ll be even better fresh.Just Like Meme

What do you think is the best donut shop in NH? Leave a comment with any we’ve missed and share this with all your donut loving friends.

Donut Shops of New Hampshire

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