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Who has the best fried chicken in Rockford?

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Fried chicken is an easy finger food to have around at gatherings, and with the Super Bowl coming up, Rockford residents might be wondering what restaurant in town has the tastiest chicken in town.

Find a list below of some of the best fried chicken around Rockford, according to Yelp:

  • KBQ Loves Park

Believe it or not, Korea is known for their fried chicken. Ask anyone in the country and they will tell you that ‘KFC’ does not stand for ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken,’ but instead stands for ‘Korean Fried Chicken.’ KBQ Loves Park is known for their Korean delicacies such as japchae and tteok-bokki, but their fried chicken is hard to beat. It is double fried to be extra crispy while still staying juicy. Edwin C. said in his review that “their fried chicken is a must! I fell in love with their thick crispy skin at first bite. Would love that crumbled up and mixed in some kimchi fried rice. Can’t go wrong with that kinda crunch. Pair that with some beer and it’s game over. I went on the rest of the night and woke up this morning still thinking about that thick crispy skin.”

  • Mr. C’s Family Restaurant

A staple of Rockford cuisine, Mr. C’s has been serving up fresh food to the community since 1999. From burgers and sandwiches to wings and chicken, Mr. C’s has options for many different palates, ensuring a fun and delicious meal with family and friends. However, their most popular item on their menu just might be their fried chicken. In a short and sweet review on Yelp, Shawn F. said that it has “d— good fried chicken. Breakfast is good. We’ve always done carry out. No complaints here.”

  • The Dirty Bird-Sycamore

While this restaurant might be outside of Rockford, their fried chicken might just be worth the trip. Open in Sycamore since 2020, The Dirty Bird has been ‘Vote the Best Chicken in DeKalb County’ in 2020, 2021 and 2022. Serving up “hand cut, hand battered chicken strips” that are served with their special “Bird Sauce,” they can claim their chicken fame after having the best chicken in the county every year since they opened. For residents that are craving fried goodness but are not in the mood for chicken, why not try their popular pork tenderloin sandwich? Vince A. said in his review that the fried chicken is the “best [he’s] had.”

  • 15th & Chris

A local restaurant through and through, 15th & Chris is located at an old ice cream shack that had sit vacant for two decades, until James Purifoy revived the location. While they might be known for their burgers, their fried chicken is hard to pass up. Mackenzie M. said in her review that it was her “first time here and it won’t be my last.”

  • The Machine Shed

Looking for a home cooked meal without the hassle of having to cook yourself? The Machine Shed has you covered. With multiple locations across the Midwest, Rockford residents can get their delicious cooking right here at home. First opened in Davenport in 1978, the chain is “Dedicated to the American Farmer,” hoping to cook up food that farmers can be proud of. Mike G. described that “the vibe here is very similar to Cracker Barrel with a shop being the first thing that greets you when you walk in.” Offering catering and banquets, residents can get their award-winning food for any event.

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