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Best Self Storage Unit Companies September 2023

We’ve broken down the process of choosing the right self storage company to make it easy for you. Consider several factors:


This is, by far, the most important factor that you should consider. Where is the facility located? What is the service area of the company? How close is it to your home or to a location that is easy for you to access? If you do not have a car or plan on selling or storing your vehicle, you will likely want to consider accessibility to public transport. Moving items in-and-out of a storage unit can be a real hassle, so anything you can do to save yourself a headache will help.

In general, you’ll find a wider variety of self-storage options near highly populated metropolitan areas, but you can also find them in more rural areas.


Around-the-clock access and drive-in accessibility, site managers and moving supplies (dollies, wide corridors, etc.) are all factors you should consider when it comes to convenience. Some customers prefer the easiest, fastest self-storage experience possible, while others don’t mind carrying belongings through a facility to a unit.

Any self-storage facility will be able to tell you what conveniences are offered at a given location, so call directly if you have any questions or want to make sure you’ll have access to a certain feature. Some companies even provide “office spaces” with coffee and WiFi—a perfect choice for individuals storing business inventory in a unit.

Always check the requirements for moving out of your unit. Some companies require advance notice before a departure, while others accommodate same-day departures. Contactless payment and reservation options can also save you trips out to the facility.

Available Unit Types

Standard industry sizes for self-storage units start at five feet by five feet (small), 10 feet by 10 feet (medium) and 10 feet by20 feet or 10 feet by 30 feet (large). Most companies will offer other sizes that you can choose from. Similarly, climate-controlled units are commonly available but will cost you more. Specialized storage options, like vehicle or boat storage, wine storage and large business storage, are highly dependent on the company and location.


Unfortunately, pricing for self-storage units varies tremendously based on location, and it is rare to find a place with fixed or guaranteed rent (meaning many customers will experience rent increases). A unit’s price can be similarly affected by size, additional unit features and the quality of the facility itself. Extra fees—deposits, insurance, admin or rentals of moving supplies—can drive up the final cost.

Luckily, most companies will offer discounts on the first month of storage, giving you plenty of time to decide whether or not to invest in the unit long-term. Month-to-month payments can also alleviate some of the pressure. Our best advice when it comes to getting the best pricing is to carefully read your rental agreement and, if possible, book online—some companies have reduced rates when reserving a unit online versus in person.


Many facilities come with a standard duo of safety features: gated or restricted access to the facility and 24-hour surveillance cameras. Even these can vary depending on location and company. Always call a facility ahead of time in order to get the best picture of its security measures possible. Don’t be afraid to shop around if a location’s features aren’t up to your standard: You want to feel certain your belongings are protected.

Customer Service and Insurance

When it comes to your personal belongings, you don’t want to leave them in the wrong hands—or at major risk if something bad happens. Dealing with poor customer service isn’t a problem until it is, so make sure you like the manager and staff of the self-storage company or the company practices and that you have purchased an insurance policy (we recommend using a third-party service) that can keep you feeling confident and secure.

Best Storage Companies Reviewed Including Prices & Sizes

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