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Where To Go Crabbing Near Me 2023

Going crabbing is a very inexpensive and popular family activity. On many beaches around the UK where there are harbours or piers and beaches, there are some great spots to go crabbing.

Lots of these beaches are also good spots for finding rock pools as well. Why not enjoy them both. Perfect for those free things to do on family days out or holidays.

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When Is The Best Time To Go Crabbing

As the tides change, so do the crabs that live in the waters. The best time of day to go crabbing is just before high tide and then up to two hours after high tide.

The water moves faster with the tide and encourages the crabs to be active. This is the point you find you’ll catch more. Crabbing can also be done at low tide, or when the tide is going out, you might just have to work harder to catch them.

The best time of year to go crabbing is during the Summer months when the water is warmer. During the Winter when the water is cold, the crabs will burrow to protect themselves and you may not catch as many.

What To Take Crabbing

You don’t need a big list of equipment to go crabbing. The basics are a bucket to store your crabs in, a net to catch the crabs as you bring them out of the water, a crabbing line, bait bag and some bait.

A crab line is essentially a long fishing line on a reel with some weights and a drawstring pouch for the bait to sit in. This is worth purchasing, but you can often buy it cheaper online before you go.

When you go crabbing in a popular spot, you’ll often find a shop nearby selling all the equipment.

Be prepared and buy your crabbing kit before you go –

  • Crab net and line
  • Crabbing bucket

What’s The Best Bait For Crabbing

Some of the best bait for crabbing is raw bacon. The cheaper the better as it’s going in the water. Cut it up at home and store it in a food bag to keep the seagulls away!

The bait sold in the gift shops nearby popular beach locations is generally packs of mackerel which also works well to catch the crabs.

Crabbing In Cornwall

Mullion Cove

TR12 7ET

Why not try crabbing at Mullion Cove. It’s often sheltered from the wind making it a pleasant place to sit and crab from the harbour walls. The nearest parking is a short walk away from the cove. Mullion Cove is also one of the many dog friendly beaches in Cornwall to discover.


The Inner harbour at Padstow has everything you need to go crabbing. There are plenty of shops nearby with everything you need. The car park near Padstow Harbour is often full during peak season, however there are other car parks around, and also a park and ride in peak season (PL28 8EX).

St Ives

The best place for crabbing in St Ives is behind the pier wall at Smeaton’s Pier. You can often find Shore crabs, Hermit crabs, and Velvet Swimming crabs in St Ives.

Be prepared and buy your crabbing kit before you go –

  • Crab net and line
  • Crabbing bucket

Crabbing In Devon



The fishing town of Brixham has harbour walls which are perfect for crabbing from. There are also plenty of local shops selling all the equipment you need if you don’t have any with you. A small car park is behind the harbour, but there are also other parking options nearby.

Crabbing in Dorset

Mudeford Quay

BH23 4AB

Possibly the most popular spot for crabbing in Dorset is at Mudeford Quay. The quay side can get busy, but there are some great views across to the Isle of Wight and plenty of parking and amenities.

Kimmeridge Bay

Wareham BH20 5PF

Crabs can be caught off the edge of the rocky ledge area to the left hand side of the bay, which is also a great place to find rock pools. Check the tide times before visiting however, as some of the ledges are inaccessible around high tide.

Swanage Beach

Dorset, BH19 2AW

Crabbing at Swanage by the slipway is in a nice secluded shady spot near the pier. The slipway is close to the pier but avoids the entrance charge to the pier so well worth testing out the slipway first.

If you’re not staying long, parking in the short stay car park near the beach is a cheap option. If you’re staying all day, parking is also available along the sea front for a reasonable cost, or the long stay car park is a slightly longer walk away.

Lake Pier

Poole, BH15 4LR

The sign post for parking at Lake Pier is a little obscure. Follow the stony lane signposted to the toilets and at the bottom of the hill is a low cost pay and display car park. There are public toilets and usually an ice cream van.

The pier is small but generally quiet unless the weather is gorgeous. It’s a quiet area to try crabbing, and a nice place for a walk afterwards.

Be prepared and buy your crabbing kit before you go –

  • Crab net and line
  • Crabbing bucket

Crabbing In Essex

Canvey Island Beach


Crabbing is a popular activity at Canvey Island in Essex. There are also plenty of rock pools to discover along the beach as well, making for a great day out.

Promenade Park, Maldon

You’re likely to find Green Shore crabs in Promenade Park in Maldon. There are kiosks selling crab line and bait if you have arrived without your equipment.

Crabbing In Kent

Whitstable Harbour


You can make a whole afternoon out at Whitstable Harbour as well as enjoying some time dangling your crab bait over the side. A pay and display car park can be found close to the harbour.

Crabbing In Lancashire

Blackpool Sea Wall

Opposite the Solaris Centre in Blackpool is a great place to go crabbing.

Be prepared and buy your crabbing kit before you go –

  • Crab net and line
  • Crabbing bucket

Crabbing In Norfolk

Cromer Pier

NR27 9HF

Crabbing in Cromer is a very popular place, so expect it to be busy. You can go crabbing from the pier, and there are plenty of shops selling supplies if you need them.

Some car parks near Cromer pier are free after 6pm. There is also some side street parking, and pay and display public car parks just a few minutes walk away from the pier.

Crabbing In Somerset

Minehead Harbour

There’s plenty of space to go crabbing along Minehead Harbour in Somerset. Perhaps you’re holiday in the area at one of the holiday parks and fancy a day out at the beach.

Crabbing In Suffolk


IP18 6TT

The harbour at Walberswick is a great place to go crabbing. You can even take the ferry across to Southwold as well for more crabbing fun. Parking is available via pay and display on the road near the harbour. Or alternatively there are other pay and display car parks nearby.

Crabbing in Walberswick was also the home for the British Open Crabbing Championships.

Be prepared and buy your crabbing kit before you go –

  • Crab net and line
  • Crabbing bucket

Crabbing In Wales

Marine Lake

LL18 1AQ

Rhyl Marine Lake is the perfect place for the kids to try crabbing. There’s FREE parking, and if you don’t have any of the equipment it can be purchased from the railway shop.

Don’t forget to also check out plenty of great things to do with kids in Wales.

Crabbing In West Sussex


BN17 5LG

Crabbing on East Beach Harbour Park is a good spot in Littlehampton. There’s plenty of space, and lots to keep the family entertained for a whole day out. There are three difference car parks to choose from near East Beach on the seafront.

Saundersfoot Harbour

Pembrokeshire, SA69 9HE

The Crabbing Centre is open between May-September each year. It provides a safe and free activity for the whole family. You’ll find the crabbing centre in the middle of the National Events Deck where there are safety railings in place.

Be prepared and buy your crabbing kit before you go –

  • Crab net and line
  • Crabbing bucket

Crabbing In Yorkshire

Flamborough Head

YO15 1BJ

Bridlington has one of the UK’s best fishing harbours. What was once a fishing village, is now a popular place for crabbing from the pier. The nearest car park is available at North Landing.


YO22 4AG

There are a few places in Whitby that are good for crabbing. The harbour walls are a popular spot, but also next to the swing bridge. There are plenty of car parking choices near the beach and harbour in Whitby to choose from.

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