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Best places for Creeking in Columbus

When it’s warm in Ohio, we look for outdoor activities to entertain our kids! Want to fill a warm morning or afternoon? Go creeking in Columbus! Kids LOVE getting their feet wet, looking for bugs, crawdads, fish, and skipping stones.

Best places for Creeking in Columbus

There are places to explore creeks all over Columbus. But safety is important because water and kids can be dangerous.

Safety Tips for Creeking

Look for posted signs. If the signs say to stay out of the water, or take specific precautions, make sure you follow them

Consider recent rainfall. The amount of rainfall can determine whether a creek or river is safe for very dangerous. You should always consider recent rainfall. Water is usually higher during spring due to frequent rain.

Be careful about depth. Creeks can go from 3 inches of water, to 4 feet of water, very quickly. You should always stay right by your kids – especially young ones. Depth is usually more shallow on the edges, so steer clear of the middle if you are unsure.

Check the current. What looks like gentle running water can actually be a stronger current than you expect. Kids can be swept off their feet so much easier than adults. If you feel the water pulling at your legs, it’s probably too strong for them. Steer clear of currents, and always enter creeks above currents.

Wear shoes. Wearing strap on shoes, water shoes, or old tennis shoes will give you better grip and protect your feet from sharp rocks or any debris in the water.

Watch for slippery rocks. Nearly any rock that is wet or underwater will be slippery, so be very careful when stepping on wet rocks.

Never, never jump or dive. No matter how deep you think the water is, never ever jump in or dive in. Ever. Serious injuries are very possible, and it can be difficult for emergency vehicles to reach you.

Bring bug spray and sunscreen. A lot of creeking areas are shaded, but there are definitely patches of sun that can sneak through. And you can guarantee there will be some bugs around the water.

Protect your belongings. If you are creeking in a public spot, you don’t want to leave any valuables on shore, as you may wander further than expected. Wear a backpack/bag/clothing with zipper pocket, and place cellphone and keys in a plastic bag or waterproof bag. Both can slip out of your pocket easily and be lost or ruined.

Best places for Creeking in Columbus

Creeking in Columbus North

Shale Hollow – Preservation Parks of Delaware County

6320 Artesian Run, Lewis Center, OH 43035NOTE: Peak visiting hours are 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. The park is usually at capacity, which means when one car leaves then one more may enter.Amenities: 2 trails, off-trail exploration and natural play areas, nature center Creeking IS encouraged! Check out shale pieces that have washed down river, play in the natural play area, and enjoy a snack at the log table. Respect that barriers downstream as the creeks beyond the barrier are on private property.

Highbanks Metro Park

9466 Columbus Pike, Lewis CenterAmenities: Trails, playgrounds, nature play areas, restrooms, nature center Park at Big Meadows Picnic Area and walk past the natural play area until the creek it at your preferred level.

Blues Creek Park

9627 Fontanelle Road, Ostrander, OH 43061Amenities: Trails, creek, pedestrian bridge, catch-and-release fishing pond (no license required), sledding hills, picnic shelter, playground, and restrooms Reader recommended for creeking in Blues Creek

Coffman Park

5200 Emerald ParkwayAmenities: Pedestrian bridges, new multi-use paths, outdoor exercise equipment, a skate park and new tennis courts, fishing, playground, restrooms, and more. Kids frequently play in the creek near the playground.

Amberleigh Community Park

4715 Vista Ridge Dr. Dublin, OH 43017Amenities: Walking trails, fishing, nature areas, river access, playground and play village, restrooms. Reader tip suggested there is a good area to play in the water near the boat launch

Kiwanis Riverway Park

6245 Riverside Dr. Dublin, OH 43017Amenities: Walking path, fishing, river access, and hidden Riverbox Boardwalk nature-trail through the wetlands along the river

Indian Run Falls

700 Shawan Falls Dr.Amenities: Nature trails, observation platforms, a bridge traversing the waterfalls and shelter houses west of the falls. Rules are not clear for this body of water other than swimming and jumping off/into the falls IS prohibited. Creeking in the shallow water away from the falls is generally considered acceptable (people have receiving differing reports from Dublin Police Dept). Extra caution should apply, as it’s difficult for rescue crews to get to the area if there is an emergency. If there are signs to stay out of the water below the waterfall, please abide by them.

Sharon Woods Metro Park

Apple Ridge Picnic Area: 1069 W. Main Street, Westerville, OH 43081Amenities: Multipurpose trails, restrooms, playground, picnic areas, nature center Explore the 7.5 acre Natural Play Area with wooded hillside and Spring Creek. Kids and their caregivers can wander off-trail, climb trees, dig in the mud and experience unstructured play in nature. Enter from the last parking lot at the Apple Ridge Picnic Area. Entry sign on right side of the lot.

Best places for Creeking in Columbus

Char-Mar Ridge Park – Preservation Parks of Delaware County

7741 Lewis Center Road, WestervilleAmenities: Restrooms, wildlife blind, Glacier Ridge Trail, natural play area, lots of shade, and parking. Reader suggestion! Kids will love the natural play area with stumps, stick hut, creeking, and more.

Creeking in Columbus – East

Creekside Park and Friendship Park in Gahanna (Big Walnut Creek)

Best places for Creeking in Columbus

Creekside Park: 117 Mill Street, Gahanna, OhioAmenities: Paddleboats, waterfalls, trails, fishing and wading opportunities, dining, restrooms Fun and easy access to great creeking spots.

Friendship Park: 150 Oklahoma Ave., Gahanna, OhioAmenities: Restrooms, playground, outdoor musical instruments, tennis and basketball courts, fishing, paddleboats Follow the Story Book Trail to a great place to get in the creek. The 2020 Story Trail tale features the story, “The World Around Her.” The tale is illustrated on colorful panels that draw visitors into the woods toward the creek.

Woodside Green Park

213 Camrose Ct. Amenities: Restrooms, playground, canoe launch, basketball courts and baseball fields, catch and release fishing, and plenty of parking. This park was a reader suggestion, so we haven’t visited yet, but there is a natural playground and other fun things to discover! Big Walnut Creek runs along the back of the park. Woodside Green Park and Academy Park (1201 Cherry Bottom Rd.) are connected by a multipurpose trail between the parks across Walnut Creek. Both offer restrooms, playgrounds, creek access, and more.

Blendon Woods Metro Park

4265 E Dublin Granville Rd. Columbus, OH 43081. Turn right at ranger station then second left to parking lot. Entrance at far end of the lot.Amenities: Playground, restrooms, trails, nature center A 10-acre area with a wooded hillside and ravine where kids can safely roam and enjoy unstructured play in nature by climbing trees, playing in the dirt and other fun adventures. Special features include zip line, teeter-totter, basket swing, cargo climbing net, a tether-ball game and various stepped logs over ravines and streams

Thomas J Evans Foundation Park

10255 McIntosh Rd, Pataskala, OH 43062Amenities: 1.4 mile mulch topped walking trail (to be converted to packed gravel), baseball diamonds, basketball courts, soccer fields, playgrounds and woodlands, playground, gaga ball pit Reader submitted: lots of creeking in the South Fork of the Licking River that runs through the park

Pine Quarry Park

West end of Kingsley Dr., Reynoldsburg, OH 43068Amenities: Small parking lot, Hiking trails / bike trails throughout the park Natural areas throughout the park. Creek runs between green/yellow trails, and green/red trails.

Sycamore Creek Park

Covered Bridge Ln, Pickerington, OH 43147Amenities: Playground, restrooms (April 1 – October 31), fishing lake, basketball court, putting green, 15 station ninja warrior course, covered bridge, pickleball courts, tennis courts, walking paths. Read more about the Ninja Warrior Course here. Cross the covered bridge for a good creeking spot not far from the soccer fields. An arboretum is just past the creek.

Creeking in Columbus – West

Battelle Darby Creek

2705 Darby Creek Drive Galloway, OH 43119Amenities: Natural Play area, hiking trails, roaming bison in pastures, parking, nature center, spand restrooms. You can access the natural play area from the last parking lot in the Indian Ridge Picnic Area. Explore the 9-acre natural play area with boulders and logs to climb. Wade in the super clean creek and check out visitor made forts along the footpaths.

Prairie Oaks Metro Park

Darby Bend Lakes at Prairie Oaks Metro Parks, 2755 Amity Rd, Hilliard Ohio 43026 or 3225 NE Plain City-Georgesville Rd West Jefferson (there are multiple entrances).Amenities: Restrooms, parking, natural play areas, kayaking/canoeing, fishing, trails, and beautiful scenery. This was a reader suggestion, as I totally forgot checking out the creek 6 years ago! (see pic). There are multiple places to access Big Darby Creek at Prairie Oaks to catch crawdads and enjoy the water.

Creeking in Columbus – South

Scioto Grove Metro Park

5172 Jackson Pike, Grove City, OH 43123Amenities: For restrooms and playground, stop at the Arrowhead Picnic Area. You can pick up the trail there, but it’ll be a longer walk. Best place for creeking is under the Rope Bridge over Grant Run along the REI River Trail – park at Grove Lodge.

Gantz Park

2255 Home Rd., Grove City, Ohio 43123Amenities: Playground, restrooms, hill slide, public herb garden, arboretum, labyrinth, and more Reviews recommend the bumpy hill slide and creeking behind the park and walking trail.

Do you have a favorite creeking spot?

Are we missing any? Leave a comment so we can add it to the list!

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