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Butchering an animal the size of a deer takes time and gear, as well as a thorough understanding of the task at hand. If you don’t have the know-how, the time, or equipment to do it properly yourself, commercial facilities are available. If you are interested in learning how to handle and process harvested game we have included instructional videos below.

The following establishments have indicated an interest in processing deer. This list is provided for informational purposes only and in no way implies Department endorsement.

Note: Since this publication needs to be developed earlier in the year, some errors may exist in the list of, meat processors identified below. The listed, meat processors were confirmed in 2020.

The services each provides are indicated in the Code column and are coded as follows:

  • C = Cutting
  • W = Wrapping
  • V = Vacuum
  • F = Freezing
  • S = Frozen Storage
  • N = Skinning

County Town Code Name Address Phone Hunters for the Hungry Website Preferences Androscoggin Livermore CWVFSN Jamie Roy 99 J.M. Roy Rd. 207-577-6516 (Call Prior) Androscoggin Sabattus CWVFSN Sabattus Deer Processing: Greg Provost 435 Middle Rd. 207-375-4581 or 207-576-9759 Aroostook Crystal CWVFSN Hatch’s Custom Meat Cutting: Brady Hatch 23 Prescott Rd. 207-441-4023 (Call Prior) Aroostook Fort Fairfield CWFSN Joe Chasse 175 Limestone Rd. 207-472-0141 or 207-227-5094 Aroostook Frenchville CWVSN Dube’s Custom Meat Processing: Adam Dube 124 US Rte. 1 207-316-8685 Aroostook Littleton CWVFN B & C Custom Meat Cutting: Ben Henderson 1167 Foxcroft Rd 207-521-1342 or 207-694-0027 24/7 Mon-Sun (Call Prior) Aroostook Mapleton CVFSN Rooney’s Meat Shop: Dan Rooney 664 Hughes Rd. 207-554-8149 (reservations recommended) Aroostook Reed Plt CWVFSN D & R Meat Cutting: Robbie Richardson 462 Main St. 207-356-7538 SEP/OCT/NOV Kennebec Clinton CWVSN The Chop Shop 648 Mutton Lane 207-649-8849 Kennebec Monmouth CWVFSN K & K Custom Cutting 215 Back St. 207-933-4860 or 207-713-3691 Kennebec Oakland CWFN Bill’s Custom Cutting 92 High St. 207-465-9551 or 207-649-7410 Kennebec Windsor CWFN WHYNOTCUTIT: Hall 249 Weeks Mills Rd. 207-441-2738 (Call Prior) Best after 5PM Knox Washington CWVFN Thin Blue Line Meats 427 W. Washington Rd 207-596-2938 Penobscot Charleston CWVFN Wade Worster 12 Bear Brook Lane/Rte 15 207-974-9309 Penobscot Greenfield CWVFN Bill Melgey Cross Rd. Box 332 207-827-7554 Penobscot Lagrange CWFSN Mid Maine Sporting Camps & Taxidermy: Troy P. White 13 White Rd. 207-943-2511, 207-745-8012, pr 207-745-1725 Penobscot Medway CWVFSN J & J’s Custom Butchering 543 Pattagumpus Rd. 207-746-9125, 207-447-2435 7am-10pm (Daily) Washington Alexander CWVFSN Blake’s Slaughtering & Custom Cut Meats: Clayton Blake 602 Cooper Rd. 207-454-2222 Mon-Sat. 8am-8pm Washington Harrington CWVFSN Hunter’s Specialty Cuts: Lucas Wallace 145 Oak Point Rd. 207-271-7179, Mon-Fri 7am-7pm York Arundel CWFSN Gil LaFlamme & Sons: Gil LaFlamme 208 New Rd. 207-282-1027 York Waterboro CWVFSN Custom Deer Cutting: Jason Didonato 56 West Rd. 207-229-0307 Penobscot Dexter CVFSN North View Farm: Mark Nolt 68 Dunn Rd 207-924-3600 Knox Union CWVSN Dave’s Wildgame Processing 38 The Woods Rd. 207-975-0357 Aroostook Woodland CWVFSN Scott’s Meat Shop 1359 News Sweden Rd 207-496-3156 Aroostook Eagle Lake CWVFS Eagle Lake Wild Game Processing 75 Old Main St 207-444-7529 or 207-221-2889 Aroostook Fort Kent CWVFN Jim Albert 571 Aroostook Rd 207-834-6563 Aroostook Oxbow All Homestead Lodge 871 Oxbow Rd 207-227-7226 or 207-227-7226 Knox Warren All The Meat Shop 2524 Camden Road 207-593-6656 Piscataquis Medway CWVFN The Boys Custom Cutting 990 Medford Center Road 207-403-0868 Sagadahoc Bowdoin CWVFN Butcher Boys Deer Cutting 152 John Small Rd. 207-212-3146 Waldo Palmyra CWVSN Kenny’s Cuts 174 Smith Rd 207-355-5849 York Buxton CWVFS Allen Cox’s Custom Cuts 7 Warren Rd 207-329-3500 Aroostook Woodland CWVFSN Hemphill & Son’s Butchery 531 Woodland Center Rd 207-498-9263 Hancock Ellsworth CWVFSN Boutaughs Wild Game Meat Cutting 693 Bucksport Road 207-479-3957 No Call ahead Androscoggin Greene CVFN Todd Zupancic 52 Quiet Acres Dr 207-212-8508 Androscoggin Greene CVFSN Buzzell’s Deer Processing 113 Spragues Mills Rd 207-576-3375 Aroostook Caribou CWVFSN J&J Meat Cutting 39 Bradley St 207-551-5592 Cumberland Gray CWS Dave’s Deer Cutting 200 Weymouth Rd 207-657-3762 Kennebec Sidney CWFSN Tony Cummings 97 Pond Rd 207-547-4605 Oxford Hartford CWVFSN Craig Millet 1807 Bear Pond Rd 207-890-4531 Penobscot Dexter CWN Todd Tibbetts 21 Gilbert Rd 207-924-5747 Waldo Lincolnville CWFSN Hilltop Farm Meat Cutters 2060 Belfast Rd 207-930-0714 York Buxton CVFSN Brookside Custom Cutting 411 Chicoppee Rd 207-749-1771 Somerset Madison CVNS Mikes Custom Cutting 36 Pine St 207-431-2094 Franklin New Vineyard CVNS Shady Lane Custom Meats Lane Drive 207-491-8613 or 207-659-0349 No Kennebec Sidney CWVNS B&H Farm Wild Game Processing 45 Shepard Rd 207-557-3379 No https://www.facebook.com/BH-Farm-Wild-Game-Shop-110983093594073/ Somerset Palmyra CWVFSN Outlaws Chop Shop – Teddy Smith 9 Windfall Ln 207-416-9438 Call ahead Somerset Moose River Township All Lefty’s Butcher Shop 635 Main St 207-680-8890 Somerset Moose River CWVFSN Wildwoods Butcher Shop 38 Pleasant St 207-399-3464 Reservations recommended York Westbrook CVFSN Westbrook Deer Processing 172 Mast Rd 802-558-5642 Washington Steuben The Ackley Homestead 106 Morse District Rd South 207-598-5352 Yes Call ahead Hancock Orland C,V,F,S,N Downeast Tender Meats 291 Castine Rd 207-598-5559 or 207-598-7890 No Reservations recommended Cumberland County Harrison CVFSN Deer Hill Butchers 22 Hawk Ridge Rd 207-351-5949 or 207-604-0294 Call ahead Piscataquis Parkman CWVN Bailey Road Butchers 18 Bailey Rd 207-876-6029 https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063647195610 Call ahead Aroostook Smyrna C,W,V,F,S,N Moosehead Meats, Jonas Esch 2664 Us Route 2 207-757-2028 No Aroostook St. Agatha CWVFSN Songbird Meat Production 142 Chase Rd 207-316-5030 Yes

Handling Harvested Game

Learn how to handle harvested game and secure delicious, lean protein for you and your family.

Handling Harvested Game: Episode 1, Field Dressing

Handling Harvested Game: Episode 2, Skinning

Handling Harvested Game: Episode 3, Deboning

Hunters for the Hungry Program

Hunters for the Hungry is a cooperative program between The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) within The Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry. This program provides a means for hunters to donate all or a portion of their hunt (moose, bear, or deer) to a family in need. Learn more about Hunters for the Hungry on the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry website.

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