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11+ Best Dog Board And Train Programs In Austin + Costs

At Suburban K9, we believe that every dog requires an individualized approach to training. That’s why we use a balanced training technique that combines positive reinforcement and gentle correction to help your dog learn good behavior.

We don’t rely solely on positive reinforcement techniques because we understand that every dog has their own set of challenges. Instead, our skilled trainers use a balanced approach that emphasizes both rewards and corrections to encourage good behavior and discourage bad habits.


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2. All Dogs Unleashed – Result-Oriented Obedience Training

All Dogs Unleashed is a top-rated dog training center that has earned a stellar reputation for its exceptional training methods and commitment to providing customized programs that suit the needs of each dog and its owner. They have an impressive list of celebrity clients including Darren Woodson, Demarcus Ware, Richard Rawlings, and many more who have trusted them to train their beloved pets.

All Dogs Unleashed uses balanced and customizable training programs that can solve any dog-related problem and offer a structure that both you and your dog will enjoy. Whether you need crate training, leash training, or help with socializing your pup with other dogs, their experienced trainers will work with you to create a program for your dog’s unique personality and needs.

Their signature 2-week board and train program is conducted in a highly structured environment to ensure that your dog receives the attention and consistency they need to make real progress. This program includes a comprehensive curriculum that covers everything from basic obedience to advanced training techniques.

Unlike some other dog training programs, All Dogs Unleashed doesn’t create artificial environments to train your dog in. Instead, they believe in training your dog in real-life situations to ensure that they are fully prepared to handle whatever situations they may encounter in their daily lives.

All Dogs Unleashed offers free pet pick-up and delivery, as well as unlimited follow-up support for the life of your dog. They also offer a free in-person demo to give you a firsthand look at their training methods and facilities.


Custom plans are available on demand.

3. Taurus Academy – Harnessing Technology For Training

Founded in 1994, Taurus Academy has grown to include 6 locations throughout Austin, providing convenient access to their exceptional training services for dog owners throughout the area.

Their training programs aim to create friendly and well-behaved dogs while also educating pet owners on how to best interact with them. They understand that a dog’s behavior and socialization are just as much about the owner as it is about the dog itself. Therefore, they work to ensure that both the pet and owner are trained effectively.

Taurus Academy offers board and train options for 3 different durations: 2 weeks, 3 weeks, and 4 weeks. This allows you to choose the program that best suits your schedule and your dog’s individual needs.

After two weeks, they provide 4 private lessons to ensure that you and your dog are fully equipped to continue their progress at home. These private training lessons are conducted at various locations, including their facility, your home, and public places like parks and trails.

Taurus Academy uses technology to track your dog’s progress. They have their own app which allows you to monitor your dog’s progress, view photos and videos of their training sessions, and communicate with their trainers directly.


  • Board & Train 1 ($1,700): For 2 weeks.
  • Board & Train 2 ($2,350): For 3 weeks.
  • Board & Train 3 ($2,900): For 4 weeks.

4. Beyond The Dog – Driven By Science

Beyond The Dog has been providing training services to dog owners in Austin, Cedar Park, Leander, and Round Rock for over 15 years. They have a team of highly-educated trainers and each dog trainer holds numerous certifications. In fact, the owner of Beyond The Dog is a doctor and Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist which adds to the level of expertise that they offer.

Beyond The Dog believes in using the most current research in dog behavior to create its training programs. Their team of trainers uses behavioral science to develop effective modules that are also ethical and humane. They use a variety of methods and incorporate them to create a program that is tailored to the specific needs of each dog. These include:

  • Psychology
  • Military experience
  • Doctoral-level research
  • Veterinary and zoological training
  • Board Certified Behavior Analysts
  • In-house Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists

Their private training programs are highly recommended and include a follow-up lesson to ensure that the dog’s progress is monitored and supported. Basic manners and leash reactivity are some of the issues that are addressed in these private training sessions.


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5. ATX K9 Dog Training – Most Comprehensive Program

With over a decade of experience, ATX K9 Dog Training is considered one of Austin’s best places for your dog’s board and train stay. They create a safe and positive learning environment for your dog which is absolutely essential for their development. They use positive reinforcement techniques to encourage good behavior and help your dog build a solid foundation of skills.

The boarding and training program at ATX K9 Dog Training lasts 1-4 weeks and is split between two legs. The first leg takes place at their facility where your dog will learn basic obedience commands and build a solid foundation. The second leg takes place in the trainer’s home where your dog will receive more personalized attention and continue to work on their skills.

To ensure that your dog gets the attention and care they deserve, ATX K9 Dog Training limits the number of dogs per trainer to only 2-3. This allows the trainers to focus on each dog’s individual needs and provide personalized training. They also offer learning excursions and field trips for the dogs. These trips are designed to provide your dog with new experiences and help them develop social skills in a controlled and safe environment.


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6. Lucky Star Dog Training – Building A Strong Foundation Of Communication

Founded in 2013, Lucky Star Dog Training is one of the best places in Austin for board and train programs. Its lead trainer is a certified canine behavioral specialist who has studied animal behavior in Europe and has worked extensively towards dog psychology and remote collar communication.

Lucky Star Dog Training offers a variety of services, including building a new foundation from the bottom up, correcting specific behaviors, or fine-tuning what is already in place. No matter what your dog’s behavior issues may be, they have the professional help you need to address them.

Lucky Star Dog Training believes that building a strong foundation of communication between you and your dog is crucial for a successful training experience. Without proper communication, it can be difficult to correct specific behavior issues.

Therefore, they provide a 3-week board and train program that is done in a home setting and helps make the transition back to your home smooth. During the board and train program, your dog will board at Lucky Star Dog Training’s facility and receive daily exercise, training, and socialization. This will help your dog develop good habits and improve their behavior issues in a controlled environment.


Custom pricing quotes are available on request.

7. Sit Means Sit – Attention-Based Training

With over 157 locations throughout the United States and Canada, Sit Means Sit is one of the most well-known and respected dog training programs around. Through their unique and effective training methods, dogs board and train at Sit Means Sit come back with a more positive and relaxed disposition.

The program has an impressive track record when it comes to training dogs for media appearances, with their trained dogs appearing in NHL games, Mashable, and various commercials.

Sit Means Sit uses a proprietary Attention-Based Training approach that relies on a variety of tools and techniques to get dogs to focus and respond to commands. This includes the use of leashes, flat collars, food, toys, and their patented Sit Means Sit Collar. The Sit Means Sit Collar receives an adjustable micro stim signal from a remote, which is then converted into a gentle “tap” sensation to encourage dogs to pay attention.


Sit Means Sit provides customized plans for its services.

8. Zoom Room Dog Training – Socialization-First Approach To Dog Training

Founded in 2007, Zoom Room Dog Training offers some of the most comprehensive board and train programs in Austin, Texas. They offer different levels of obedience training programs no matter what your dog’s current level of obedience.

The trainers at Zoom Room believe that it is important to encourage dogs to build confidence and success as they master new behaviors. By creating a positive and supportive environment, dogs can feel more comfortable and confident as they work towards their goals.

Zoom Room places a high value on socialization. They believe that socialization is more important than traditional training for dogs. By providing opportunities for dogs to interact with other dogs and humans in a controlled and safe environment, they can learn valuable social skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.


Custom plans are available on demand.

9. Lonestar Dog Trainer – Balancing The Advantages Of Every Training Style

Lonestar Dog Trainer is ranked as one of the top 10 dog trainers in Austin which shows their expertise and effectiveness in working with dogs of all breeds and temperaments. Their lead trainer has a background in military working dogs, hunting dogs, and companion pet dogs. This diverse experience allows them to understand the unique needs and personalities of different types of dogs and tailor their training approach accordingly.

Lonestar Dog Trainer believes that a combination of different training methods yields the best results and they balance the advantages of each style to help your dog learn how to behave. When you enroll your dog in Lonestar Dog Trainer’s board and train program, you can expect a minimum of 21 days of training, with most dogs finishing between 21 to 30 days.

During this time, your dog will receive regular training modules that cover everything from basic obedience to more advanced commands. Lonestar Dog Trainer also teaches dogs how to travel in cars and SUVs and how to behave inside stores and restaurants.


Lonestar Dog Trainer provides customized plans for its services.

10. Austin Dog Zone – Most Methodological

Established in 2010, Austin Dog Zone has built a reputation for excellence in dog training and behavior modification. Austin Dog Zone’s training methods are rooted in science and their techniques are rewards-based. Their board and train program takes place at the trainer’s personal residence so that your dog receives one-on-one attention and care throughout their training.

During obedience training, they take your dog to public, dog-friendly locations, and other local areas. This helps your dog learn how to behave in different settings for ensuring its long-term success.

Austin Dog Zone also offers a reverse board and train option where a trainer comes to you. With this program, the trainer can work with you and your dog in your own environment, making it easier to address specific issues or behaviors.

After completing either the board and train or reverse board and train program, Austin Dog Zone offers a free private instructional session for you and your dog. This session ensures that you understand how to continue reinforcing your dog’s new behaviors at home.


You can contact their sales team for a free quote.

11. The Naked Dog – Understanding Your Dog’s Mind For Better Behavior

The Naked Dog was founded in 2013 and has a unique approach to working with dogs. Rather than relying on tools, treats, or gimmicks, they aim to connect with dogs on a deeper level. They understand their innate psychology and work with it to create a calm and willing mindset.

To achieve this, The Naked Dog’s trainers focus on building a companion-like relationship with the dogs in their care. They don’t see themselves as masters or owners but rather as partners with the dog.

The trainers at The Naked Dog provide clear leadership and consistent rules and boundaries. Dogs thrive on structure and routine, so having a set of clear guidelines to follow helps to reduce stress and anxiety. This, in turn, makes it easier for dogs to learn new behaviors and respond to commands.


  • 2-Week Program ($2,700): Includes a 90-minute “go-home” session and a 60-minute follow-up session after 3 weeks.
  • 4-Week Program ($5,200): Includes a 90-minute “go-home” session and a 60-minute follow-up session after 3 weeks.

12. The Canine Center – Facility That Goes Above & Beyond The Rest

The Canine Center has trained over 16,000 dogs with its positive reinforcement training methods. The exceptional facility is located on a spacious 14-acre land which is perfect for providing dogs with the ideal environment to learn and grow. The center has 8 dedicated outdoor training fields where your dog can exercise and engage in a variety of training activities.

The Canine Center uses force-free and reward-based training methods. This makes training fun for both you and your dog. They understand that training can sometimes be stressful and tedious, which is why they use games and other interactive activities to keep your dog engaged and motivated.


Custom pricing plans are available on request.


Imagine leaving your beloved dog in the hands of an incompetent trainer at some random board and train program in Austin. They could come back to you with all sorts of new habits, like barking all night or chewing on your favorite shoes. Or, even worse, they could come back with fear issues or other problems due to improper training.

So let this be a lesson to you all: pick Suburban K9’s board and train boot camp. Our trainers are professionals who have graduated from our in-house training program and are extremely experienced in dog training. Our program includes boarding in a home environment so your dog will be comfortable and relaxed during their stay. They will receive daily one-on-one training sessions, playtime, and socialization, all in a comfortable home environment.

Ready to give your dog the gift of expert training and personalized attention? Book a session with Suburban K9’s board and train boot camp today – it only takes 30 seconds.

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