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A Guide to Michigan's Pet Friendly Beaches

A trip isn’t complete without your four-legged companion by your side. As much as you love to swim in the clear waters of the Great Lakes and run along their sandy beaches, your pet is likely twice as excited, expressing enthusiasm with uncontainable, tail-wagging energy.

Make your trip enjoyable for the whole family by selecting the perfect, pet-friendly beaches along your route. Here are some recommendations for the best beaches and parks with pet-friendly shorelines for your water-loving pets.

Tips Before You Go:

1. Plan ahead – If your pet is tagging along on your trip, make sure all the places you plan to visit are pet-friendly. Take notes on the specific rules for each park and verify your research upon arrival by reading signage. If you are unclear on the park’s rules for your pet, just ask! Any park ranger or other park staff would be happy to assist you in finding the perfect pet-friendly accommodations on your visit. 2. Pack for your pooch – Just like you, your pet will need water and other essentials throughout your trip. Make sure you are packing everything your dog might need. 3. Leave nothing but paw prints – Help preserve our parks and beaches by being diligent about leaving no trace of your visit. Clean up after your pet! 4. Stay leashed – Many beaches, parks and trails require that your pet stays on a leash at all times. Respect the rules and only let your pet off-leash when permitted. 5. Know where to go – Most beaches have specific stretches of shoreline for four-legged playtime. Verify which sections of shores are pet-friendly, and don’t bring your pet with you when not permitted. 6. Never leave your pet alone – Pets that are unattended or tied up can become anxious, loud and unpredictable. Your pet is your responsibility at all times. Make sure you are always in immediate control of them so both they and those around them are safe. While it may be hard to contain your pet’s excitement, it is important to maintain the serenity of the beach for all visitors. Help keep noise and disturbance to a minimum by controlling your pet at all times.

Here are some parks and destinations that have sections of pet-friendly:

Upper PeninsulaBaraga State Park – Baraga

Overlooking the beautiful Keweenaw Bay on scenic Lake Superior, this stretch of shoreline is an ideal spot for dogs that love to swim.

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore -​ ​Munising

Pets are welcome in many areas of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, including some incredible spots like Miners Beach and the Twelve-mile Beach Campground.

McLain State Park -​ Hancock

Known for its incredible sunset views, McLain State Park offers a stretch of shoreline on Lake Superior that you can enjoy with your four-legged companion.

Twin Lakes State Park -​ ​Toivola

Situated in the picturesque Houghton County, Twin Lakes State Park serves as a great base camp for exploring much of the U.P. with many pet-friendly areas.

Porcupine Mountains -​ ​Ontonagon

With cascading waterfalls, sweeping views and forests as far as the eye can see on the shores of Lake Superior, Porcupine Wilderness State Park is the ideal spot for an adventure.

Marquette South Beach -​ ​Marquette

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