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Engine Repair Rebuild San Antonio

Motor Rebuilds and Engine Overhauls by Auto Service Experts

Auto Service Experts specializes in repairing & rebuilding Chevrolet, Ford, and Chrysler gas and diesel engines. We do complete engine overhauls on all imports including Honda, Toyota, Acura, and Mitsubishi. We also perform engine rebuilds and repairs on European cars such as Porsche, BMW, and Mercedes. Our shop combines state of the art diagnostic technology & equipment with the kind of expertise that only comes from a lifetime of experience specializing in engine maintenance & repair. Whether you are in need of routine preventative maintenance or complicated engine performance diagnostics, our technicians are the best around. For information on hybrid electric motor repair, give us a call, or see our page on hybrid vehicle services.

ASE Certified Master Technician with over 20 years of experience specializing in gas and diesel engine repair on duty at all times.

We back all of our motor rebuilds, and engine overhauls with the best warranty in the industry.3 Years/ 36,000 Mile Warranty on all parts and Labor.

Engine Repair or Complete Engine Overhaul?

***Click Here to See the Benefits of and Differences BetweenEngine Repair, Rebuilding, Remanufacturing, and Replacement.

Engine and Transmission Replacement on Diesel Ram 2500

Due to wear and tear over many miles and years of operation, internal engine parts eventually wear out or become damaged. Depending on the number and condition of damaged parts, you may need to replace only certain components, using what is known as a “piecemeal” engine repair approach. This approach can be more immediately cost-effective if only one or two key components within the motor require replacement.

However, if several internal engine parts are showing signs of damage or wear, you can save yourself from future expenses and headaches by opting for a complete engine overhaul or motor rebuild. In a full engine rebuild, we remove the engine from the vehicle, completely disassemble it, replace all parts which wear out, then reassemble the engine and reinstall it in the vehicle. This type of complete rebuild provides you with an engine that runs like a new one.

Engine Repair Specialists at Auto Service Experts San Antonio Auto Repair shop

If your vehicle has a blown head gasket, this often causes damage to other engine components and automotive systems such as your auto cooling system. See our article on blown head gasket repair in San Antonio, TX for more information including common symptoms of a blown head gasket, its function, how it is tied to other internal systems, and head gasket repair cost.

Complete engine or motor rebuilds involve machine work including:

• Overboring Cylinders• Rebuilding Cylinder Heads• Rebore Engine if needed, and replace pistons with the correct size• Regrinding Exhaust and Intake Valves and Seats• Resurfacing Cylinder Heads• Turning Crankshaft

Engine Rebuild on Ford F250 by ASE Certified Automotive Engine Repair Mechanic

A complete engine overhaul gasket kit includes the following replacement parts:

• Antifreeze – replace• Engine Bearings – When worn, may cause low oil pressure or noise. Bearings may also come loose and cause damage to the crankshaft and connecting rod.• Damaged engine bearings may be due to inadequate lubrication, failure to keep up with necessary maintenance and oil changes, or worn or clogged fuel pumps.• Cam Bearings (if applicable)• Main Bearings• Rod Bearings• Engine Head – completely disassemble and replace.• Exhaust Manifold Gasket• Exhaust Valves• Intake Manifold Gasket• Intake Valves• EGR Tubes and Gaskets• Head Gasket• OEM Spark Plugs• Oil Pan Gasket• Oil Filter• Oil Pump• Pistons – Cracked pistons may fail to seal properly causing damage to cylinders or bearings, reducing power and fuel economy, and increasing emissions, oil dilution & sludge formation.• Piston Rings• Valve Guide Seals• Valve Springs• Water Pump• Water Pump Gaskets• Timing Chain/ Timing belt (depending on vehicle design)• Tensioners and Guides on timing chain

***At Auto Service Experts when our mechanics perform a complete engine rebuild, we do not charge additional labor fees for minor extras or incidentals such as motor mounts, spark plug wires, etc. You pay for the additional parts only, as there is not a great deal more labor involved.

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