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Chicago Eviction Attorney Chicago Eviction Attorney 300x200No rational landlord or tenant wants to undergo the tedious process of eviction. However, considering that more than half of all residential spaces in Chicago are composed of leased properties, unwanted conflicts between real estate owners and people who rent their residence become inevitable, hence the 50,000 eviction cases filed in the state every year.

What happens when your tenants are becoming very uncooperative and destructive? What can you do if you know you’ve been a good lessee, but your landlord is unreasonably and forcibly evicting you out of your apartment? These problems can become too complicated for a mere confrontation. If you want to successfully evict an awful tenant or effectively defend yourself from wrongful eviction, you need a good Chicago, IL evictions lawyer by your side.

As a leading law firm specializing in dispute resolution of real estate conflicts, Chicago Landlord Tenant Attorneys has helped countless clients dealing with eviction processes from both sides of the story. We have assisted landlords in making sure they are accurately following eviction laws. We have handled many cases protecting tenant rights.

Laws on evictions, leases, and the whole field of real estate legalities can come from federal laws, state laws, or even local ordinances. We know how overwhelming and difficult these regulations can be for the layperson. So we offer the full set of services you will need to either enforce an eviction or defend yourself from one. From informing you of your legal rights to representing you in court, we’ve got your back.

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The Importance of a Chicago Evictions Lawyer

Let’s say that, for personal reasons, a tenant of yours has not been able to pay rent for three whole months. Is it okay to move their stuff outside and change the door’s locks?

In Illinois, a landlord can push through with an eviction only through the order of a judge and the enforcement of the county sheriff. Any sort of violation of the lease by the tenant is not enough for a landlord to just toss someone out of the property. It is not uncommon for both landlords and tenants to be unaware of these laws. This causes landlords to obliviously conduct unlawful evictions and tenants being violated of their property ownership rights.

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, Chicago Landlord Tenant Attorneys is here to provide you with a top-notch Chicago evictions lawyer that can answer any question you have and inform you of every eviction law that you need to know.

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Protecting Landlord Rights and Following Eviction Laws

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As your partner in legally and effectively conducting an eviction, Chicago Landlord Tenant Attorneys is here to ensure that your rights as a landlord are protected and that you know and follow eviction laws from federal to local.

As a landlord, you must be very familiar with the various reasons why evictions are enforced on tenants. These include nonpayment of rent, lease violations, or overstaying of a tenant beyond the agreed-upon leasing period. But any reason you have, it is important to know that the first step in pursuing to evict a tenant is to send an official notice to the tenant that they are bound to be evicted due to a valid reason.

It is best to consult a Chicago evictions lawyer once you have plans to evict a tenant or before sending the notice, which is a very important document in the whole judicial eviction process. One of the defenses that a tenant can appeal for is that your landlord’s right to evict becomes invalid if you are fully aware of a lease violation while the tenancy is still ongoing. So you have to make sure that the eviction is valid from the start.

Another reason it is vital to have a lawyer by your side is that there are many variations of an eviction notice depending on the details of the lease or the reason for the eviction. For example, if you want to evict a tenant that pays rent on a monthly basis, you must send a notice 30 days before the intended eviction date. On the other hand, if the eviction is triggered by non-payment of rent, a 5-day notice must be served. In some cities in Illinois, an eviction notice is not required when the lease has expired. In Chicago, it is mandatory to send a notice of non-renewal under the Fair Notice Ordinance.

Filing an eviction process to a court can be done if a tenant who has received the eviction notice refuses to cooperate. A summons and complaint will be filed, and the court will decide on the results of the case after the proper judicial procedures. And because no landlord can do the actual eviction, you must then file an eviction order to the County Sheriff after you win the case. They will be the ones to facilitate the eviction.

There are many small details in eviction laws that can lead to huge repercussions in the process of eviction. We understand that most of our landlord clients looking to evict uncooperative tenants already have enough on their plate. That is why we offer a comprehensive package of legal services to ensure the eviction process’s legal aspects are completely covered. No matter how complicated your situation is, let Chicago Landlord Tenant Attorneys be the one to provide you with the Chicago evictions lawyer that you need. With us, you can have the smoothest eviction process that you can get.

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Defending Your Tenant Rights

Our firm is also always ready to competently defend the rights and interests of tenants who have been receiving wrongful eviction actions. Landlords are not always in the right position in eviction cases, tending to abuse the rights of their lessees.

Eviction is a legal action that aims to determine one’s right to possession of a residential building. Matters like domestic abuse, fair housing violations, and poor housing conditions can also be relevant to the case.

If you feel like your landlord is being unreasonable with your eviction, give us a call. We will find the best way to protect you. To give you an idea, here are the various common defenses that Illinois tenants have against evictions:

Repair and deduct

Chicago Eviction Attorney Repair and deduct 300x200

“Repair and deduct” is a common strategy of tenants to assert their right to a safe and functional abode. Instead of leaving the house or suing the landlord for repairs, tenants can do the job themselves. They can hire someone to do the repairs and pay the rent money due to their landlords.

If the landlord threatens eviction, we can help you argue effectively that you owe the landlord nothing due to needing to fix the house’s damages. It is vital, however, to make sure that you are knowledgeable about the requirements to pull off this defense. The case must be done under certain conditions, such as the landlord had a 14-day notice to fix the repairs, the repairs are required under ordinances or under the lease contract, or the damages were not caused by the tenant. It can be difficult to use this defense if these situations are not applicable.

With a Chicago evictions lawyer from Chicago Landlord Tenant Attorneys, we can easily help you successfully assert your rights to a safe living space. The best thing you can do is to give us a call before withholding rent payments or doing anything that you think will have legal consequences.

Warranty of habitability

According to the warranty of habitability, any rented residential property is assumed to be compliant with basic standards of living and safety. So if the residence is reasonably unfit to allow the healthy and safe habitation of a person and the lessor is aware of this, you can use this situation to defend yourself from an eviction.

Waiver of the right to evict

Landlords can lose the right to evict a tenant under the following situation: if you, a tenant, are being evicted because of a lease violation, yet the landlord still allows the continuation of the tenancy (typically proven if the landlord still receives rent payments).

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Real Estate Dispute Resolution – Competent Legal Assistance

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Resolving disputes between lessors and lessees can be a very complicated process mainly because it involves the basic right to have a safe and functional living situation. Landlords can be unreasonable with their eviction threats. Tenants can be too troublesome and uncooperative with following the lease agreement. If you need to assert an eviction or you need help with getting rid of one, Chicago Landlord Tenant Attorneys has the perfect Chicago evictions lawyer for you.

With an impressive resume of successful cases in the past, we know that our firm, Chicago Landlord Tenant Attorneys, can offer you top notch legal services. Whatever you need, from analyzing your situation and finding the most appropriate legal defense to representing you in court and skillfully proving that your claim is valid, we’ve got your back. We strive to achieve excellence in every legal work that we do. You can expect that our lawyers and legal assistants will bring you the very best quality of service that we can offer.

Consult with an Evictions Lawyer Today

If you want to get the best chances to assert your landlord rights or your tenant rights, call us right away. Our legal team will immediately begin analyzing your case to figure out the best way to help you. Get an experienced Chicago evictions lawyer from Chicago Landlord Tenant Attorneys today and see an end to your real estate conflict in no time.

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