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Beautiful eyebrows with microblading near me in Paramus, NJ

My eyebrows have always been sparse, so I’d been thinking about microblading near me in Paramus, NJ a while. But when I saw my friend’s amazing microblade eyebrows, my interest was stoked.

We met for coffee, recently and when I told her how fantastic her eyebrows looked, she told me about Heaven Berg Permanent Beauty. I couldn’t believe how natural her microblading looked. You’d never know she’d had it done!

A thorough consultation.

Microblading near me in Paramus, NJ was something I wanted to know more about, after seeing my friend’s results. I called Heaven Berg and booked an appointment for a free consultation.

When I arrived I found a tranquil, inviting atmosphere and professional staff. My consultant explained the microblading treatment to me in careful detail, telling me it would be achieved over 2 sessions, 4-6 weeks apart.

She also advised that following the procedure, my brows would be a bit darker than expected, but that this effect would fade, over time. This facility uses only the finest quality products, imported from Europe for exceptional results. Heaven Berg offers a large selection of colors, improving on nature by creating expertly-groomed, permanent brows.

Minor discomfort.

My Heaven Berg technician said that the results of microblading near me in Paramus, NJ would last for about a year. With a small investment of my time, I would have perfectly natural-looking, beautifully-shaped eyebrows.

I asked if I could expect to experience any pain while having microblading near me in Paramus, NJ and was told that any discomfort would be minimal, because Heaven Berg technicians use a topical anesthetic before starting the treatment.

No more fussing.

My tech said that Heaven Berg offers a great selection of permanent cosmetic makeup treatments, in addition to microblading. Lip and eyeliner and full, permanent lip color can also be done here. Based on that advice, I decided to do microblading and added the permanent lipliner treatment.

Now that my treatments are completed, I’ve never looked more effortlessly fabulous. There’s nothing like waking up to perfect eyebrows and beautifully-achieved lipliner. It’s amazing how much time I save because of these highly-effective, permanent treatments.

Microblading near me in Paramus, NJ keeps me looking my best, with gratifyingly little effort. I save so much time, because I don’t need to slow down to painstakingly fill in my eyebrows anymore. My mornings, these days, are all about taking my time.

Heaven Berg made it all so pleasant and simple. I’m glad I had coffee with my friend that day and found out about this superlative beauty resource.

If you’re ready to look your best with much less effort and have more “you” time in the morning, you’re ready for Heaven Berg Permanent Beauty. This facility does superb work, with a great staff and the best products available.

I love my new, effortless look. Are you ready to love yours? Contact Heaven Berg for a free consultation to discover microblading near me in Paramus, NJ and the best in permanent cosmetic makeup, with Heaven Berg.

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