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Forever Bracelets by Lola Saratoga Appointment Reservation: ***1 PERSON PER APPT/TIME SLOT***!

Get Fused with Lola Saratoga!

We are currently operating by appointment only at our Saratoga Springs & Albany, NY locations. By placing your $25 reservation for your Forever Bracelet, you are securing your spot for your designated appointment time. The $25 deposit will be deducted from your in-store bracelet purchase. Bracelets range from $98 to $220.

A seamless bracelet designed to be lived in – the Forever Bracelet! We weld a delicate 14k yellow or white gold chain around your wrist for a touch of shine meant to last. No clasp means no fuss, and solid gold means nothing can dull your sparkle!

Think of it as a grown-up friendship bracelet and get fused with someone special, or treat yourself to your new favorite everyday accessory, just for you!

permanent jewelry permanent bracelet forever bracelet

*All services are final sale. All no calls, no shows will not be refunded. All appointments canceled with at least 24 hours notice will receive a refund.

*Please note appointment time slots are 10 minutes, so if you are more than 5 minutes late to your appointment we will not be able to guarantee your appointment will be fulfilled.

*One person/bracelet per appointment slot, please. If you are booking multiple people, please enter multiple time slots in your checkout.

*Not recommended for those with a history of sensitivity to 14k gold.

*Must be 10 years of age or older, under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price point?

Our solid 14k gold chains range from $98 to $220.

Do you offer white gold chains?

Yes! We offer 14k yellow or white gold chains.

What if I want to take it off?

Forever Bracelets are designed to stay put and therefore do not have a clasp. If, for whatever reason, you need to remove it, it can easily be cut off with a pair of household scissors. If you save the chain we’d be happy to reattach it for you for a $10 fee!

What do I do if my bracelet breaks?

We only select chains that are durable enough to withstand daily wear, however life happens and it may stretch or break. If you hang onto the chain, we will be happy to re-weld it for you! The first repair is complimentary, however there is a $10 fee for subsequent repairs.

Do you offer anklets?

We do not offer anklets at this time. The appointment you are booking is for a bracelet.

Does it hurt?

No! Our machine is incredibly safe and does not generate heat or flame.

Can I wear it through airport security?

Yes! Since Forever Bracelets are made of solid 14k gold, TSA does not require it to be removed for security. Jet set in style!

Do you take walk-ins?

We do offer walk-ins when a welder is available! Feel free to stop in or call us to check for availability!

Do you do private events?

Absolutely, if you have a large party or an event you would like to book please give us a call at 518-306-5250 or email [email protected].

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