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Our 3 Favorite Seafood Markets near Treasure Island, Florida

Our guests talk about deep sea fishing and the exhilaration of catching dinner. However, what about landlubbers who want to enjoy fresh seafood but at the comfort of Treasure Island’s favourite luxury family beach destination, Eiko’s Beach House? So here are three of our favourite places to pick up fresh seafood!

Don’s Dock Seafood

Only a five minute walk away from the Eiko Beach House in John Pass is Don’s Dock and Fish Market. While Don’s Dock caters to do it yourself fisherman, what is less well known is that they have a terrific seafood market.

Fresh catch is supplied daily and the fish is always “in season” as in many cases the fish eaten for dinner were having breakfast in the Gulf of Mexico earlier that same day. While at Don’s Dock, it is almost mandatory to enjoy the sights, sounds and taste of John’s Pass.

Walk along the boardwalk and see brave adventurers cruise out into the Gulf to enjoy parasailing or jet skiing. Pizza, ice cream and burgers for the kids while it’s possible and encouraged for the adults to sip a cold tropical rum drink, listening to reggae music. A short stroll home to your beach house and the very fresh fish can be prepared and on the table before the sun sets on your perfect day.

Key West Shrimp Company

A five minute drive south of is the Key West Shrimp Company in St. Petersburg Beach. Don’t be fooled by shrimp in the name as this seafood market has fresh grouper, snapper, amberjack, Spanish mackerel, whatever is in season! And yes, of course, shrimp.

The store can even track where the fish was caught, what time and fishing boat caught the fish too. Prior to making your seafood purchase we recommend that you check out the shops on Corey Avenue. A hidden gem is the Vincent William Gallery. He has competitively priced art, stained glass and jewellery, much of it created in the local area. A fun place to browse, purchase a fresh seafood for dinner and then chill at the Eiko’s Beach House.

Nachman’s Seafood Market and Smokehouse

For those who want to wander a little further, we recommend that you try Nachman’s Seafood Market on Redington Shores. A huge selection of fresh seasonal fish is available and prepared to your specifications. They also provide advice for grilling your chosen “catch of the day” and what additions, sides , etc you may consider to complete your meal. Service is friendly but parking can at times be a challenge and it is recommended that you park off the main road as parking under the pier supported building can be cramped.

And to Finish

While enjoying beach house living in Treasure Island Florida it is strongly recommended that you sample the delicacies of the Gulf of Mexico. For large groups, dining out, even in Florida can be expensive but it’s far more manageable, tasty, healthy and relaxing to prepare your own fresh seafood dishes at the Eiko’s Beach House.By the way, Eiko’s favourite seafood is fresh red or black grouper. She grills it with lemon juice and savors it on a toasted bun “sans” any sauces. Eiko’s motto is “always make it delicious”.

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