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Best 10 Full Service Car Wash in Ellicott City

Car driving is fun and reliable until you find your car dirty and it needs to be washed. It quickly becomes an embarrassment when your comfort car is covered with dust and stains. The more vehicles in the city makes the environment more pollutant and there are more car washing rounds required per month. Maryland is surely a metropolitan state and its cities like Ellicott surely have an abundance of road cars. A basic car wash in Ellicott City MD won’t work for your car because your car may not be fully cleaned via simple car wash. If you want to be satisfied with your car’s aesthetics, you need to go for a full service car wash in Ellicott City MD that may include everything like detailed car wash including wheels and tints. Furthermore, you may also go for detailing and filming a paint protection for your car to preserve its shining.

How to Find the Best Car Wash Near You?

First of all, you need to make sure that what type of car wash would be best for your car depending on your car’s condition, the stubbornness of stains, your location and your budget. Furthermore, you may also search about automatic car washes and their pros and cons to choose the best car wash options for you.

Once you have found the answers of these specifications, you can easily start finding the best car wash near you while generating a specific search query on Google.

For example: If you want a quickest and cheapest car wash option near you, start your search query like “automatic drive through car wash near me”. Once you have been suggested multiple car washes providing automatic drive through car wash service near you, choose the best one consulting their location, schedule, pricing and the published reviews by past customers.

In the same manner, you may start your queries like “touchless car wash near me” and “full service car wash near me” etc. If you want to search for a specific location, you can add it to the query i.e. best car washes in Columbia MD.

Top Car Wash Locations in Ellicott City of Maryland

If you live near Ellicott City MD, following are a few top locations for car wash in Ellicott City MD. These are not listed according to their overall standards or any other ranking; however, these are among the best car wash options near Ellicott City MD based on published reviews, their versatile services and pricing.

ProWash Auto Spa

It is certainly among the best hand car wash options in Ellicott City MD. A ProWash Auto Spa is a suitable option for a full service car wash near Ellicott City MD including hand car wash, auto detailing, window tint service near Columbia MD and Ellicott MD. They offer competitive prices and they remain open during weekdays from morning 8 to evening 5; however, you need to book your appointment first on Sunday.

Dolly’s Car Wash

Dolly’s Car Wash is another good option for a full service car wash in Ellicott City MD. Having hundreds of good reviews, it offers full service car wash including vacuums, self service bays and hand wash too. It offers competitive prices and credit cards are also accepted there.

Canton Car Wash

Starting from just $39 per month, you can have full car wash service, for a whole month, from one of the best car washers in the town. You can choose one from their two monthly packages according to your needs. One package offers premium exterior wash and other offers full car wash services.

Columbia Auto Care

Columbia Auto Care is just 5 miles away from Ellicott, MD. It provides one of the best car wash services in the town and it also offers monthly membership where you can avail multiple car washes per month on a single fixed price. You may avail triple foaming conditioning,clear coat protection, wheel cleaning and complete exterior wash with their monthly membership.

Premere Auto Detail

The name says it all. If you want to have a premiere auto detailing for your car, then Premere Auto Detail is the best option for you near Ellicott City, MD. The best thing about them is their mobility. They come to you for their services anywhere in Ellicott City. So, if you need mobile car wash service near Ellicott MD, call Premere Auto Detail.

Top of the Line

Top of the Line car washing and detailing provides the full car wash service within budget. They provide everything in their mobile wash and detailing service. Whether your car needs a hand wash, wax or detailing, everything is done by their mobile team.

On the Spot

On the Spot mobile detailing team travels all around Maryland and provides you full car wash and detailing service everywhere in MD. It has gained a good reputation as a customer-first-company due to its wide range of services everywhere in Maryland. They provide mobile detailing, full car wash, paint correction and paint coatings as well.

Atomic Auto Salon

Atomic Auto Salon provides both the mobile car wash service and the appointment based inhouse full car wash service. They claim to be environment friendly because they say that they use bio-degrade chemicals to minimize the environmental problems while detailing and washing.

Sharp Detail

Sarp Detail is another one of the best car washes in Maryland that offers three packages for three different sorts of clients. Car vacuuming, Shampooing, stain wiping is common between all three packages. You can have a look at their packages and choose from Signature Detail, Premium Detail and Full Detail package after checking all add-ons.

A Perfect Shine

The name says it all. It can make your car shine perfectly once again, if you opt for A Perfect Shine for your full car wash service along with a car detailing option. Starting from just $310, they offer inside and outside detailing service that includes full car service using vacuums, shampoo, conditioning, fragrance and windows cleaning etc. Furthermore, they also offer separate individual services like just a hand wash, polish or hand dry etc.


Car washing should be taken as seriously as you take care of car driving. Don’t go to any random car washer for your all kinds of car service. Always do a prior search about what specific car wash and detail service you need and then you may choose the best car wash provider. Sometimes just a mobile car wash is ok; however, sometimes a complete interior plus exterior detailing is also required. Some best car wash service providers in Maryland may also do car repair in Baltimore, Columbia or Ellicott City, MD. So, you may also consider them for one stop location for everything.

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