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14 Cafes for Halal Brunch in Manchester You HAVE to Try!

Whether you’re looking for Halal brunch in Manchester in the form of an Instagram-worthy shot or Halal breakfast places in Manchester for a halal fry-up, I’ve got you covered in this post!

There are many cafes in Manchester offering halal breakfast, brunch and lunch! Some are fully halal cafes in Manchester, and some offer a few halal options.

In this Manchester halal guide, I’ve given you mine and my friend’s favourite halal cafes in Manchester to try!

The cafe locations vary, you’ll find many halal cafes in Manchester city centre below if you want some brunch on a shopping day out, plus options in Didsbury, Hale, Wilmslow, Chorlton and beyond.

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Halal Brunch Manchester

You can either choose a sweet option, they do amazing pancakes and French toast. Opt for a halal fry-up in Manchester, or eggs and avocado.

They serve halal sausages and bacon and are fully halal.

They don’t seem to shout too loud about being halal which is a shame but I emailed the restaurant to confirm,

In March 2023 they said: ‘All of our menus are Halal with no exceptions currently! We don’t serve pork and any pork-based products such as sausages and black pudding (served on our ECB breakfast) are substituted with vegetarian or lamb replacements.’

They have a pretty interior, very similar to that of the dessert places on Wilmslow Road with the flowers and gold touches, perfect for a girl’s brunch which is what I went there for.

They also have some outdoor seating available if you’re looking for halal cafes in Manchester with outside seating.

They are fully halal and open all day every day of the week.

This is a fairly new cafe opening in early 2023 and it’s just what we needed for authentic Turkish food and sweets.

The Turkish Sweet Centre is a deli selling Baklava and Turkish Delights as you walk in but behind this is their cafe serving classic Turkish breakfasts including a Turkish Breakfast Plate and Menemen.

Of course, they are halal and serve Turkish halal sausages as their meat option.

They also offer a full halal fry up, sweet pancakes, waffles and french toast and if you’d rather share, they do a great Brunchboard with lots of options for 2-3 people.

For halal cafes in Eccles and West Manchester, Brunchville is a great option. They have lots of seating so perfect for larger groups and have decorated the cafe with Instagram-worthy flowers and decor.

Well, you can go sweet all day at Biskits with their Pancakes and Waffles, or go for the full English halal breakfast in Manchester, or usually my choice, avocado on toast.

They are another one of the Muslim-owned cafes in Manchester with floral decor which I couldn’t stop taking photos of when I went… I do sense a theme here for halal cafes in Manchester with floral designs, but I’m not complaining!

My Karak Chai offers a Desi breakfast in Manchester. Their Apna Breakfast is a classic. I went for a Paratha only (with a side of Chai) but I really missed out and would order the Omelette Paratha next time or the Halwa Puri as a few of my friends had!

The cafe is only quite small but good for families and groups to meet in as it’s a casual cafe setting.

Personally, I do love a cute cafe with trendy vibes and Chai Latte offers more of a basic inside seating area so I haven’t been personally but for good value food and a handy location in Manchester city centre, it’s popular for a reason!

Tuktu Cafe is good if you’re looking for a Turkish breakfast or a halal breakfast in Manchester without all the frills.

As well as their Turkish Breakfast, Halal English Breakfast and Big Halal Breakfast they serve eggs, sandwiches, paninis, salads and burgers so they are an all-around good all-day cafe.

I personally find Tuktu a bit too oily for me and the food a bit too basic, but for a classic halal breakfast in a family-friendly environment, it is a good choice.

They are a Halal Lebanese Bakery serving delicious and fresh Arabic breakfasts in Manchester.

Cedar offers an extensive menu with classic Foul, a common Arab breakfast dish, pastries with all the Arab flavours, hummus, omelettes and much more.

I know a group of ladies who go here regularly for weekend brunches so they are used to groups and perfect if you want something different to avocado and eggs, or sweet pancakes!

They offer a casual breakfast and lunch setting with options for a full halal English breakfast as well as breakfast with a Desi twist like their Apna Style English Breakfast and Desi Fry Up.

Three Brothers Cafe also offer the usual egg dishes, pancakes and lunch options Samosa’s Kathi Rolls and Masala Fries.

They also serve Bubble Tea which is cool!

I went here recently for brunch with a friend. Only their chicken is halal which they confirmed to me via Instagram and again when we ordered. Their menu does not indicate what is halal and what is not.

My friend went for the chicken burger which she liked and I went for vegetarian avocado and eggs.

I love popping into Ancoats in the city, there are so many cool cafes in Ancoats so it’s nice to be able to explore the area and get a halal option if you want, even if it’s not all halal, they do serve pork and alcohol too.

And, it’s just great for some cake and chocolate!

Juniper is not fully halal, they offer selected halal meats like Turkey bacon, but I like that their menu clearly shows what is halal and what is not as the waiters in my experience are helpful too.

I love the decor and vibe of Juniper and have always had a nice experience in Hale and Wilmslow. It’s a nice place to visit with friends for a girly brunch and offers fresh and healthy food options.

They also have lots of vegetarian and vegan options!

Fress do bottomless brunch and serves a lot of alcoholic drinks so it is surprising that so much of their menu is halal.

We enjoyed sitting outside Fress on a lovely sunny day though and inside on a weekday afternoon was quiet. I imagine if you came here on the weekend, people might be drinking and being a bit party-like inside but it’s great to have another option for halal brunch in Manchester City Centre by going to Fress!

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